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Best and next practices:

Most of us at efio have been doing DevOps long before there was even such a thing. Of course we did not know it at the time. We told ourselves that we were developers, architects, dbas or even CTOs. But really, we were just automation geeks who saw the world as code, and took the lead wherever it was needed. We have all done our subversion hooks, hacked a WLST script and refused to let the IIS manager get the best of our PowerShell scripts.

Today we call ourselves DevOps engineers. This lets us talk about continuous integration and delivery, 12 factor apps, serverless first nano services, containers and infrastructure as code. People love hearing about this stuff today, and we keep on talking. But we are still hungry for more and we strive to keep up with the latest technology. This is the true DNA of efio.

DevOps - What is it all about?

DevOps is not a set of tools that you can obtain with a license. It is not a new department within your organization either. DevOps is all about communication, collaboration and end-to-end responsibility. About breaking down the walls and barriers between development and operations.
At efio we preach this cultural phenomena. We make sure developers are aware of operational needs. Operations must provide the ability of self serviced development teams; a team that can experiment and launch new projects or ideas independent off other departments. Developers can focus on building cool stuff while ops focus on building resilient platforms.

Our Services

These are the subjects, in which we call ourselves experts:


Contionuous Integration and Delivery, is the cornerstone of a healthy DevOps culture. Reduce delivery time and improve code quality.


Win the trust back in your runtime environment. No more guessing what will happen when you deploy to production. Test your entire lifecycle.

Infrastructure as code

Put your infrastructure under version control. Gain the ability to recreate any component of your infrastructure, at any given point in time.

Configuration management

Manage configuration state, in a self-documenting automated manner. No more logging in to boxes, to investigate how they are configured.

AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

Scale your infrastructure, exactly when you need it, without prior investments. Sit back, run your business.


Good metrics is a key element in your DevOps journey. Make intelligent decisions. Learn how we turn data into actions.

Our offerings are well connected, and together they will help forming a DevOps culture in your organisation. Give us a call, and have a chat about how we can help you deliver better software, faster!

Meet The Team

This is our friendly team of consultants and managers

Alexandros Papadopoulos

Senior DevOps consultant | Site reliabilty engineer | Cloud architect

Alex is an experienced engineer with a “Given-When-Then” approach at challenges, for quickly and correctly identifying product requirements. If you have any questions or challenges regarding cloud architecture on any platform, Alex is your go-to guy.

Asger Larsen

DevOps engineer

Asger is a born DevOps engineer. He combines his technical skills with his management knowledge into a strong understanding of the customers business. Asger is specialised in CI/CD pipelines, serverless applications and cloud technologies

David Alves

DevOps intern

David is part of our awesome DevOps intern team from Copenhagen Business Academy, where he studies Software Development (BA).

Elisabeth Green

DevOps intern

Elisabeth is part of our awesome DevOps intern team from KEA (Copehagen), where she studies Business Economics and Information Technology (BA).

Elitsa Marinovska

DevOps intern

Elitsa is part of our awesome DevOps intern team from Copenhagen Business Academy, where she studies Software Development (BA).

Jes Struck

Senior DevOps consultant | Release engineer | Container expert

Jes is is a convinced automation geek, a DevOps advocate and Continuous Delivery mentor. He has led the way on high profiled projects for major enterprises within both the private and public sector. Jes is an active open-source contributor on the Jenkins CI project.

Joachim Rørbøl

CEO | Senior DevOps consultant | Cloud expert

For the past 10 years Joachim has hands-on experience working with his passion for DevOps principles and practices like self-service, release automation, continuous build, integration & delivery, incremental testing in a collaborative environment; whether as a consultant, solution architect or team lead.

Kristian Østergaard Martensen

Senior DevOps consultant | Site reliabilty engineer | Distributed data store expert

Kristian helps his clients build a strong DevOps culture in their organisations, building documented and self-documenting systems, as well as instructing both developers and operations, in the principles of automation done right. Kristian holds a passion for optimising distributed data stores.

Mathias Larsen

DevOps intern

Mathias is part of our awesome DevOps intern team from KEA (Copehagen), where he studies Business Economics and Information Technology (BA).

Peter Ryhl Algren

Business Development | Marketing | UX/UI lover

Peter is the creative part of the gang. With years of experience in marketing, design and business development, Peter makes sure that everything is in check when it comes to our brand and the happiness of our customers.

Simon Jensen

Senior DevOps consultant | Software engineer | Cloud expert

Having experienced the transformation from classic development and operations silos into a full-blown DevOps team, Simon is a firm believer in automation, including CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code. Simon has a cloud first approach and is specialized within PaaS and IaaS.

Sebastian Jørgensen

Senior DevOps consultant | Cloud architect | Software engineer

Coming from a multi-language full-stack developer background, Sebastian has turned his love to cloud architecture, containers, automation and the DevOps principles. Sebastian has extensive knowledge working within the fintech area. Tools & technologies, that Sebastian masters (but not limited to) are: AWS, GCP, Docker, Heroku; Node.js, Kubernetes and more. Sebastian is a dedicated automation advocate and can help you and your team realise a solutions full potential.

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